About us


Sepra Exim Private. Ltd is a International trading company based in Hyderabad-India,engaged primarily in exports and imports , we are committed to offer quality products and services to our customers at any point of time.

We are one of the younger generation company formed by a team of Professionals after a long tenure with ​reputed manufacturing,Trading and shipping companies.

Sepra Exim can arrange Supply of mass consumption items like Industrial Minerals & Agri Products.Our flexible approach and professional way of handling makes us the FOCAL POINT of your multiple products requirements. We successfully look for superior quality  products from Indian market & cater accordingly to the global buyer requirements.

“Reduced Cost ,Best Quality & ​Timely Delivery are​ Benefits from Sepra Exim ”

Our Goals :
• Be a customer responsive company.
• Produce excellent safety performance.​
• Be an employer of choice​.
​• Deliver competitive service.

Our Vision :   Our vision is to be a Reputed Business Group offering the growing scenarios of International trade  where everyone ​benefits.

Advantages sourcing from India ?

  • Low input costs.​

  • Highly-skilled professional sourcing .

  • Incorporates the latest technology in any manufacturing industry.

  • In Housing Shipping


    Our In-house Shipping Department ensures that products will get to the proper destination by an agreed upon date and in good condition.

    Our Team is expertise in specialized Sea, Air freight. We have our contacts with  numerous Shipping companies  around the world. ​ Our team is capable of Chartering Bulk  ships  on voyage and Time charter .

    We negotiate the best possible  price to move products along the most economical route by working out various bids and choosing the one that best balances speed, cost and reliability.

    Visit: www.septrans.in

    Why from Sepra?


    Our network in India makes it easier for us to source anything and makes us the right source for your requirements from India. All our sourcing is done by professional team.

    A company like us can take care of sourcing of from manufacturing units which are most of the time in remote places where latest method of communication is lacking.

    Prices will not increase when sourcing is through Sepra Exim, as we save a lot of cost for manufacturing company in exporting/marketing their products and ultimately this benefit is passed onto our customers.

    Our Quality Department handles products,which undergo stringent quality checks before they reach to our customers,whether the goods are being imported or exported.

    Having a large database of almost all the industries in India,before submitting any offer,we make a thorough exercise on comparison of prices,quality and the general management of the company.

    We constantly establish business and trading relationship with prominent Suppliers, manufactures and buyers.