Results of Analysis

Test/Parameters Method Result Unit
Barium Sulphate(as BaSO4) IS 7588:1992 90.69 %(w/w)
Density API 13A/ISO 13500:2009 4.222 g/ml
Residue greater than 75um API 13A/ISO 13500:2009 1.12 %(w/w)
Residue greater than 45um API 13A/ISO 13500:2009 12.59 %(w/w)
Water soluble alkaline earth API 13A/ISO 13500:2009 56 mg/kg
Carbonate(as CO3) IS 7588:1992 850 mg/kg
Sulphides(as S) SO-IN-MUL-TE-118 16 mg/kg
Mercury (as Hg) API 13I/ISO 10416:2008 ND(DL:0.5) ppm
Cadium (as cd) API 13I/ISO 10416:2008 ND(DL:0.5) ppm
Physical appearance B\By visual examination Grey color powder  
Lead(as pb) SO-IN-MUL-TE-109 1 ppm
Cement Contamination(PH of 10% aqueous suspension) pH of 10% aqueous suspension 8.72  

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