Minerals Matter - Minerals are essentials to produce thousand of your daily life products


Apart from working with the largest reserves across India, We, at Sepra also work with different Small & Large Mineral Deposit Mines, Processing Units, and Offers Financial Investment, Joint Ventures, and Risk Management Tools.

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SEPRA EXIM PVT.LTD Sai Kiran Deluxe Apartments Srinagar Colony, Hyderabad 500073

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Everyday We Connect Minerals with market,Companies with raw Materials

At Sepra, we are committed to offering quality products and services to our customers at any point in time.

Sepra is a high valued Processors & Exporters based in Hyderabad-India, with diversified business verticals ranging from Mining Operations, Material Processing, Contract Farming, and Shipping & Logistics.

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  • Powerful Product Strategy
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We are passionate about what we do and strive our best to meet our customer requirements and goals.

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