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Pyrophyllite powder which can be used for various industries like refractories, ceramic, paints, rubber and plastic industries. Our Pyrophyllite powder contains high allumina content with low PH and high whiteness. Our Pyrophyllite lumps are available in green, red, pale green, orange, translucent with hardness around 2.5 to 3 which is very good for carving. Our pyrophyllite is available from 5kg to 200 kgs block size.

Pyrophyllite is a secondary mineral of composition Al2O3 4 SiO2 H2O. Brightness of pyrophyllite plays a key role in describing the utility and value of Pyrophyllite in different industries. The presence of quartz and coloured minerals such as iron-oxide-hydroxide, opaque, chlorite, and miraculous minerals decreases the overall brightness of the material.

Product Variants :

Basic Chemical Analysis :

Sr. No Parameters Pyrophyllite Grade
1 Silica(SiO 2) 59.66% to 64.48%
2 Alumina(Al 2O 3) 25.00% to 30.68%
3 Ferric Oxide(Fe 2O 3) 0.21% to 0.51%
4 Loss on Ignition(LOI) 3.31% to 3.64%


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