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Sodium feldspar

Sodium Feldspar :

Soda-feldspar as known as Albite is a plagioclase feldspar mineral. It is the sodium endmember of the plagioclase solid solution series. As such it represents a plagioclase with less than 10% anorthite content. The pure albite endmember has the formula NaAlSi3O8. Soda Feldspar is generally a clean white m ineral that sources sodium, alumina and silica along with some potassium and calcium.

The salient features of our product are
  • High alkali content and balanced chemistry speed up the transition rate of glass phase in vitrified tiles.
  • Improve the maturity at desired temperature and also imparts better compactness.
  • Homogeneous particle size distribution exhibits better thermal properties.
  • Stabilize the firing temperature with broad thermal range.
  • Contribute good whiteness and glossiness.

Product Variants :

Potash Feldspar Powder-Basic Chemical Parameter :

Physical properties Values CHEMICAL ANALYSIS Values
Properties Grade Constituents Range(%)
Physical Color White. SiO2 68-71
Specification (powder) 200 Mesh Al2O3 16-18
Retention on 75 Micron (%) 3 Fe2O3 0.09-0.12
Specific Gravity 2.5 CaO 0.6-0.8
Firing colour White MgO 0.05-0.1
Vitrification at 1200oC Excellent Na2O 10-10.5
Color Value spectrophotometer L*-80-85a*-1.0-2.0, b*-3-6 K2O 1.0-1.5
TiO2 0.16-0.18
LOI @10000C 0.5-1

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